Swan Neck Tap

Swan Neck Tap

Range: Orbit
Code: ORB-CHR-105123
Description: Swan Neck Tap with Left Hand Operating Knob

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      The swan neck tap is thoughtfully designed, combining both functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.


      This swan neck faucet, equipped with right & left-hand operating knob, offers a user-friendly experience, allowing for easy control of water flow and temperature.

      Its ergonomic design ensures effortless operation for users of all ages.


      Ideal for various settings, the faucet is compatible with dining hall washbasins, enhancing the convenience and utility of communal spaces.

      The swan neck tap for washbasins is also a great fit for bathroom sinks, offering versatility across various spaces in a home or facility.

Warranty: 10-year warranty

      With a 10-year warranty, the faucet assures customers of its high-quality construction and long-lasting performance

Life cycle durability

      Our faucet is engineered for exceptional durability, capable of withstanding up to 200,000 lever operations. This impressive performance reflects its robust construction and unwavering reliability.

      We conduct in-house life cycle testing using state-of-the-art equipment, including an automatic testing machine from Giussani, Italy.

Material: Chrome-Plated Brass Body

      Crafted with precision, the faucet features a chrome-plated finish that not only adds elegance but also offers resistance against wear and corrosion.

      CP tap extruded brass spindle and cartridge undergo stringent testing, guaranteeing their resilience under air pressure of up to 6 bars and water pressure of up to 12 bars.

Temperature: +5 to +65 °C

      The faucet is designed to operate efficiently within a temperature range of +5 to +65°C, ensuring optimal performance across varying climate conditions.


      The faucet's installation process is user-friendly, thanks to its well-designed components and clear instructions.


      Notably, all metal parts of the faucet are repairable, extending its lifespan and enabling easy maintenance.

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