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Designed to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom space, our range of dynamic shapes and different sizes of sanitaryware products is a pure delight to users and the onlookers.

Take your bathroom decor to the next level with an exquisite range of sanitaryware by ESSCO. Each one is designed to fit your specific requirements.

  • 10 year warranty
  • Coordinated Design
  • Efficient flushing
  • Load bearing tests
  • Trap glazzing
  • After sales service

Bathrooms play an integral role in our everyday life. Therefore, it is essential to furnish this space with quality and functional bathroom fittings and accessories sanitaryware. The right sanitary ware products impart the right balance between the utility of space, ease of movement, and superb comfort.

Essco by Jaquar Group is one of the best sanitaryware brands in India, thanks to its superior design and quality construction that make its products the most durable and highest quality available in the market today. Our sanitaryware (or bathroom sanitary) includes wash basins, toilet seats, seat covers, commodes, and urinals to help create an aesthetically beautiful and functional bathroom space. With Essco's wide range of sanitaryware varying in different shapes and sizes, you can be sure that they have the right product to suit individual needs and preferences.

Why Choose Essco Sanitaryware?

1. Comfort

Essco's sanitary items are designed to go beyond just making you feel more comfortable; they also fit perfectly in your bathroom, so you don't have to make repeated trips to gain access.

2. Aesthetics

Essco's sanitary ware pieces can seamlessly integrate into any bathroom design idea. The coordinated design of our sanitaryware is the best in class and is crafted to perfection to ensure that it looks just right regardless of the size of your bathroom—combining style and quality.

3. Trap Glazing Technology

Essco sanitaryware is designed with a trap glazing technique to maintain the highest degree of hygiene in your bathroom. Trap glazing minimizes how much debris and waste can get stuck on the inner surface of your trap, keeping your WC relatively clean.

4. Affordability

Essco offers premium quality products at an affordable price without compromising the quality, which means unmatched durability, sleek design, and warranty, all in a price range that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

5. Easy Installation

Essco sanitary fittings is quick and easy to install, so why spend countless hours looking for the perfect sanitaryware that takes days to install? Essco ensures you don't have to leave the comfort of your home; once you receive it, the installation takes place in a jiffy.

6. Warranty

Essco Bathware is committed to ensuring unmatched customer service. We use the trusted customer care support of its parent company, Jaquar. The advantages of owning this brand are ten years of warranty on Essco sanitary ware and two years on toilet flush system and seat covers.

7. Quality

Ensuring the strength of every Essco sanitaryware product, all our products undergo a load-bearing test. Our wash basins are tested for a load-bearing capacity of up to 100kgs, while water closets are tested for 400kgs.

8. Performance

Essco sanitaryware is tested to perform under tough Indian conditions. All our flushing mechanisms in European water closets (EWC seat) go under 100 ball tests to have efficient flushing every time.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: How to get an Essco dealership in sanitary ware?

Sanitary ware plays a crucial role in completing the needs of every bathroom. Be it Residential, Commercial or Hospitality projects, sanitaryware products are always an integral part of every bathroom. If you are looking to be an Essco dealer, contact the respective branch office (for address & contact detail visit -

Question 2: How Essco’s sanitaryware different from other brands?

Essco sanitary products are manufactured by keeping the design, quality, and safety aspects as core parameters. These products are available in the most honest price band. Each Essco sanitaryware product comes with 10 years of warranty. To fulfill the Indian dream of affordable housing, Essco offers a complete range of sanitaryware products including European water closets, Squatting Indian/Asian/Orissa pans, Washbasins, and Urinals. These products are also available in coordinated design ranges to make your bathroom look aspirational.

Question 3: How to make my small bathroom look better by using the Essco Bathware range?

To make any bathroom aspirational and compact, it is important that all bathroom products & fittings should complement each other. As a manufacturer of complete bathroom products, Essco offers best-suited options to meet your space and needs. In the sanitaryware section it offers wall-mounted, extended wall mounted, single piece, two piece, and basic European water closets along with tabletop, wall mounted with half and full pedestal options, under counter basins. We also offer Indian/Asian/Orissa pan and urinals to complete your bathroom requirements.

Question 4: What are the advantages of Western sanitary ware?

Western sanitaryware has fast become the norm in new toilets. They have a lot of advantages that include easy cleaning, the comfort of use, efficient flushing, great aesthetics, and a higher degree of hygiene. All these features are packed in Essco sanitaryware products, which will make your bathroom look better and more beautiful.

Question 5: Which products of Essco can be used to make a bathroom aspirational and comfortable?

Essco Bathware offers a wide range of sanitaryware products to make your bathroom aspirational and comfortable. On one hand its wall hung, extended wall mounted WCs, under counter and table top basin are the best fit for your small and compact bathrooms, on the other hand the single piece, two piece/coupled WCs and wall hung basin with the option of Full and half pedestals can make your bathroom look huge and aspirational.