Wall-Mounted Closets Ideal for Modern Bath Spaces

Wall-mounted closets ideal for modern bath spaces

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The increasing importance of bathroom decor in Indian households has brought about a significant shift in bathroom decor. Earlier, bathrooms were designed to serve the bare minimum purpose. Still, with changing times, bathrooms have slowly become an integral part of the entire decor of a house. Bath...

Benefits of Health Faucets We are Sure Your Didn't Know

Benefits of health faucets we are sure your didn't know

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Health faucets are slowly becoming an essential part of the Indian bathrooms. Don't be confused by their names; health faucets are also known by the commonly used terms like "hand shower" or a "jet spray." Health faucets are nothing but a handheld devices with a nozzle that sprays a good shot of wat...

6 Things You Should Consider While Shopping for Water Taps and Showers

6 things you should consider while shopping for water taps and showers

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An easy way to update the look of your bathroom is to upgrade your existing water taps & showers. Available in a wide variety, the suitable faucet and the shower will uplift the look of your bathroom instantly.When you're ready to change the look of your bathroom, choosing the right fixtures...

Does Office Bathroom Accessories Impact Your Mood and Performance?

Does office bathroom accessories impact your mood and performance?

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It is no secret that the best ideas and thoughts come in the bathroom. The bathroom is where we are at our calmest and most relaxed. Bathrooms aren't just a place for body baths and scrubs; it is our room for relaxation, to wash away all our day's problems and lighten up.From being predominantly...

7 Reasons You Should Consider Essco Cistern for Your Bathroom

7 reasons you should consider essco cistern for your bathroom

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When choosing a suitable cistern for your bathroom, you should consider factors like your budget, the size of your bathroom, the way you use water around the house, and any regulatory requirements. If you are curious about how and why you must consider an Essco Cistern when doing your bathroom, ...

Choosing The Right Kitchen Faucet Made Easy

Choosing the right kitchen faucet made easy

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in each of our houses. They've evolved over the years with the other rooms of our house and are now at par with our living rooms. Earlier kitchens were just small spaces in the corner that only contained utensils and a water source, essential for cookin...

Make Your Bathing Experience Pleasure With All New Bathroom Shower

Make your bathing experience pleasure with all new bathroom shower

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Bathroom showers are often underestimated in today's day and age. Showers are probably the most used equipment in our bathroom, and we must choose the right shower to make the most out of the bathroom experience. Bathrooms are an extension of the owner's personality, and therefore each bathroom...

Geyser Guide To Look For Before Buying

Geyser guide to look for before buying

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Water heaters or geysers are a necessity in today's day and age. A water heater makes heating water easy, quick and convenient. Boiling water on a gas stove is not very practical and economical in today's world. Another water heating method of using the immersion rod is also unsuitable due to the va...

Tips for Buying Your First Cistern

Tips for buying your first cistern

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If you're considering replacing your toilet cistern or adding one to your home for the first time, you may be wondering how to find the best toilet cistern. A new toilet cistern can range widely in price depending on its type and size, so it's essential to do some research beforehand to get the most...

How to Choose the Best Shower Head for Your Bathroom in 2022

How to choose the best shower head for your bathroom in 2022

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If you’re looking to add some value and style to your bathroom in 2022, upgrading your shower head is one of the primary things you’ll want to invest in. If you’re unsure which shower head to choose, keep reading, as we have covered everything you need to know to decide which model will be the best ...