Having pioneered the concept of branded bath fittings industry in India, Essco Bathware manufactures bathroom products with the best quality and design combination. Presently Essco delivers a wide range of bathroom fittings in the form of basin mixer, wall mixer, pillar cock, bib cock, Sink mixer, Bath and shower mixer, diverter, and spouts. These faucets are available in single lever, quarter term and full turn operating options. True to the Indian dream of affordable housing, Essco offers all its chrome plated brass fittings with 10 years of warranty. As a manufacturer of quality products, its distribution and service network covers the entire length and breadth of our country. 

Features of Essco Faucets

  1. Chrome Plating-All our bathroom and kitchen faucets are manufactured with robust chrome plating to sustain the tough Indian condition of hard water and rough usage. It provides corrosion resistance, eases cleaning procedures, increases surface hardness, and offers a decorative shine.

  2. Optimum Flow and Temperature-We have an integrated honeycomb-structured aerator that creates a mixture of water and air, making the stream fuller, smoother and also provides a lime build-up protection.

  3. Easy Maintenance-Our quality certified products and wide network of well-trained service support makes its maintenance and upkeep an easy task for our customer.

Quality Check at Essco

  1. Spectrometer Test-All our products undergo a spectrophotometry test to maintain standard and quality according to world standards.

  2. Salt Spray Test-Essco Faucets are made to last long and to ensure reliability; they are tested under the most challenging conditions with a salt spray test for a minimum of 200 hours.

  3. Nickel Chrome Test-We use 10 microns of Nickel and 0.3 microns of Chrome thickness for higher durability. It is one of the best in class ratios. Nickel Chrome laser test is conducted to ensure the standard consistency is maintained.

  4. Life Cycle Test-A consistent lever operation test is conducted for over 2 Lac cycles to check sustainability. We believe in being with you for generations and for that all our products  have to last long.  

  5. Hydro Leak + Air Leak Test-To keep a check of any leaks and efficiency, work towards being environment friendly by avoiding wastage of quintessential natural resources such as water; we at Essco test all our faucets for Hydro Leak and Air Leak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why is Essco the best choice for faucets?

Answer 1: As a pioneer in branded bath fittings in India, Essco offers best in class faucets. These brass fittings are chrome plated and available in multiple types of operating systems. Essco offers Single lever, Quarter turn and multi turn ranges in faucets. These faucets are manufactured by keeping design, functionality and quality as a core parameters. Before reaching your bathroom, each Essco faucet goes under rigorous quality checks like life cycle test (2 Lakh cycle), salt spray test (200 hours), leak test and many more. All the Essco faucets are coming with aerator to provide a water efficient soft flow. Essco Faucets offers 10 year warranty along with a trusted customer care support.

Question 2: How to choose the best faucet for my new home?

Answer 2: To select the best faucet keep in mind the design and quality aspect together. The experience of the faucet will be up my multiple times if it is having aerator to save water and provide soft flow mixed with air. The chrome plating of all brass fittings/ faucets is also one of the most important to keep its long last shining intact over the years. Efficient after sales service and 10 year warranty will add an element of trust always. Every Essco faucets are having the above parameters to qualify as the best option for your new home. 

Question 3: How to get an Essco dealership in faucets?

Answer 3: Faucets play a very crucial role in making your washrooms & kitchens area stylish and comfortable. If you are looking to be an Essco dealer, contact the respective branch office (for address & contact detail visit www.esscobathware.com)

Question 4: What are the different types of bathroom faucets?

Answer 4: There are different types of bathroom faucets available in Essco. These classifications are done on the basis of its operating style.

-        Single lever operation: in this section single lever is used for all its operations like hot water supply, cold water supply, mixing hot & cold water supply, changing modes in diverter, switch on the tap and switch off the tap.

-        Quarter Turn operation: in this section a faucet is operated by turning the knob only one quarter of its rotation. Here we have two separate handle to control hot & cold water supply.

-        Full Turn operation: in this section of faucet water is controlled by turning its knob multiple times like a screw. Here also we have two separate handle to control hot & cold water supply.