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Hand Shower

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Hand Shower

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Hand Shower

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An extensive range of bath fitting handles, bathroom fittings, and bathroom accessories. Experience high-quality, superior functionality, and world-class design of our allied products.

Bathroom items like basins, showers, faucets, etc., are items we daily interact with, and they make our bathroom look beautiful. Stylish bath products that we interact with is incomplete without its complementing bathroom fitting mechanism. These bathroom fittings are not visible, but they add that last step in achieving the perfect bathroom experience.


Essco by Jaquar Group offers a wide range of allied bath fittings that make your bathroom experience richer and fuller. Sturdy, durable, and corrosion-resistant bathroom fittings are designed to last long. Essco by Jaquar Group offers the following allied bathroom fittings:

Bath Tub Spout Heavy

Ideally used in the bathing area for filling a bucket or bathtub with a provision of connecting hand shower (with diverter knob to divert water). This device is typically connected to a water mixer, diverter, etc.

Shower Arm for Wall Mounted Showers

The shower arm prevents water from seeping back into the pipe and provides a more elegant appearance once fitted with the shower.

Concealed Body for Single Lever Diverter

A single lever diverter allows the switch of the flow of water between the spout and the showerhead. It remains hidden in the wall with the other necessary functional fittings.

Waste Coupling

Waste coupling is used to couple the waste water pipe to the ceramic basin. It provides a leak-free connection and prevents blockages by preventing solids from entering the pipe.

Jet Spray with 1M PVC tube

A jet spray is a focused circular spray that delivers a refreshing burst of water. It is used for focused cleaning and hygienic purposes.

Bottle Trap with Fully Casted Body

A bottle trap is essential to the basin's plumbing. It helps to trap and block any sewer gases from entering your bathroom through the sink pipe.

Health Faucet

Health faucets are handheld devices with a nozzle that delivers a good water shot and are generally attached to the wall near the toilet.


Allied bathroom fittings from Essco By Jaquar Group are designed to last long without hiccups. Our bath fittings are perfect for your bathroom, and here is why:


Our allied bath fittings are designed to last. They're sturdy, and they don't rust, break or crack easily.


Essco products are priced at the most affordable rates without compromising on product quality.


Since all Essco products are meant for use in or around damp, humid conditions, our chrome-plated products ensure they don’t rust with regular cleaning.


Committed to ensuring unmatched customer service, Essco offers excellent after-sales service based on the principles of the parent company- Jaquar.